Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All was well, until...

The title gives it away. I had a fantastic post to offer up and while I was just finishing my chores something horrible happened.  The telescoping wand on my vacuum stopped telescoping. And after a horrible snapping noise I found a broken plastic ring inside. After I removed the ring I could hear the low whistle of air escaping.   I'll be googling replacement parts this evening as a new vacuum is is not in our future. 

The silver lining is that this leads me to another important topic.  Its almost spring time (I know you folks up North are saying "yeah right").  But down here in the South certain grasses and trees are producing pollen ahead of spring flower blooms.  We live way out in the middle of a bunch of fields and farms and the pollen is making its way straight into our bedroom.  So, you know I clean ALL the time.  That is no shocker to all of you who read this blog. But I was shocked today when I tried something new.

The other day the kids were watching Mick Mouse Clubhouse and they were talking about how looking at the same things from different perspectives can make those objects look different.  Well I had planned to clean the ceiling fans today because of all the dust that had accumulated on the blades.  Once up on the step ladder I saw everything from a new perspective!! There was SO MUCH dust.  I spent the day on that that ladder (thus the telescoping wand injury).  It reminded me to take in a different perspective every now and then.  

I hope you all have settled into the New Year. I found myself wondering when the salutations of "Happy New Year" would end. And here we are one week away from February and I don't hear them anymore. 
There is a desk update and I will be sharing that with you all very soon. 

Happy Cleaning!


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