Friday, November 5, 2010

Whole Lot-a Holiday

Okay, first of all, I feel like I'm being slung-shot into the holidays this year. I want to scream at the TV and radio and say "stop it." I need a break. A week to catch my breath after Halloween. But that is not going to happen so, here we go.

So ultimately one of my major "to-do" projects is a full garage makeover complete with a top to bottom organization system.  That's not going to happen until we will the lotto, or at least not this year (all 8 weeks that are left). But in order to keep the chaos to a minimum I store out holiday decorations in color coded bins. Since we just took down decorations for Halloween they get put away in an orange bin with a black lid. The Thanksgiving decor is making its way out of the orange bin with the brown lid. Christmas is a different story - everything is kept in clear bins with red tops. In order to keep down on too much stuff I limit every holiday to one bin. The exception in Christmas - there we keep three. One and a half are dedicated to ornaments and the other one and a half to the larger items.  Putting storage limits on your seasonal decor forces you to really evaluate what you have each year and purge to make room for the new stuff. If you're looking for a place to donate your gently used decor contact your church, local police department and soup kitchens.  All of which collect these items for families not able to pay for a for such things.   

If you're the entertaining type and have your holiday themed wares such as chargers, napkin holders, candle sticks and similar smaller objects store these in their own fabric bin that fits in the shelves of your lower cabinets. Push them all the way to the back and store the things you use year around in front for easy access. Your items will be tucked away and if you color code these bins as well they will be easy located before your next party.

I really hope these tips help keep down the clutter and make for worry free entertaining. If you have a tip please share by commenting to the link on facebook.

Until next time, happy cleaning (and organizing!)


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