Sunday, November 21, 2010

Give a Little Love

Have you been bitten with the Holiday Bug yet?  Well maybe after reading this post about giving (and clearing out space doing so) you'll be more inclined to find the holiday station on the radio.

I know the next few weeks can be the craziest time of year for many of us. Especially those of you that actually host the holidays at your home, God bless your hearts.  But this is also the perfect time of year to clean out a few places in your home and make room for the goodies coming your way next month.

The Pantry -

If you look around you will find many places that are in need of food this time of year. Several churches collect food for food banks and soup kitchens. But one of my favorite places to donate canned and dry good to is the local senior center or retirement homes.  Our elderly are often forgotten when it comes to donations and food donations are a huge blessing.  Also, If you're feeling extra giving go sit with them and enjoy a cup of coffee. I promise you won't regret it and you'll probably hear a good story. If you have little ones, have them make a card or ornament. Maybe you teach them about giving through a Bible verse. Have them take it to the seniors. Your little people will warm their hearts and you'll teach the kids a great lesson too.

Closets -

Just open the door and take a look. I'll tell you what is in my hall closet: my vacuum, a couple of pictures I have no place for in the new house, a space heater, and board games. Does that sound familiar?? How about blankets and towels?? Clothes that you'll never wear again? As long as these things are gently used you can donate what you will not be using anymore.  Ask for a new set of towels for Christmas. Get new, age appropriate board games for the kids.  And that brings us to ...

Toys -

Get older kids involved or send little ones to Granny's for the afternoon. Grab a big box and dig in. There are several ways to recycle toys. Do you have a family friend you can pass them down to? a church that is taking toy donations? Goodwill?  How about a children's hospital?? or what about consignment sales?  Consigning takes a lot of time and dedication but at least you see a monetary return. But since this post is about giving I digress.  If your considering donating to a hospital be discerning. Toys with several loose parts and pieces probably won't be practical. But discovery tables, walkers and other self contained toys will be put to good use. If its your church ask the coordinator what might be needed and see if you have something useful.  Its important to remember that even though you are benefiting by clearing out some space in your own homes you don't want to burden the charities by giving them stuff they can't use.

I hope you all are inspired to give a little back this season. Its good deeds and giving that make heartwarming moments.

Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving!


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