Monday, October 18, 2010

Breath Easy

Hello people! I was going to dedicate this blog to vacuum maintenance but am going to push that one off another week as I was inspired this week to cover a different topic.

I got may hair done this weekend and in talking to the stylist discovered her son too suffers from allergy induced breathing problems. I talked to her about all the research I had done when Eli was diagnosed with his issues and she was shocked to discovered there are things you can do to indoor environments to prevent flare-ups and make those who have breathing issues more comfortable. I want to share with y'all these tips that have helped and also some things that maybe you never considered.  And as you read I've added a few tips to help out as we approach the winter months. Lets call them bonuses.

1st: Windows are often neglected in several ways and not just cleaning.  Most of us have blinds or curtains that block direct sunlight but this also blocks our view of what is lying in those sills and panels.  Pull these back and we all know what we will find; dust and dead bugs. Okay fine clean them up. But Wait! Dead bugs are very brittle and those parts brake off and get kicked up into the air. Those particles get inhaled and can severely aggravate someone with sensitive allergies. The best way to begin cleaning is by vacuuming off the windows. I told you my vacuum was my best cleaning tool. And doesn't the thought of inhaling bug parts totally gross you out!
Secondly, if you live in an older home and you suspect your windows are drafty there are two key remedies to sealing up those pesky windows on the cheap. The first I am not a fan of unless you have a really bad window problem. At your local hardware store they are selling window sealing kits that include adhesive tape and plastic. You tape the plastic to the interior of your window and effectively stop the draft. However, the designer in me gasps! The alternative is spending approximately six bucks on a box of caulk rope. You pull it off like a piece of sting cheese and press it firmly all the way around the interior window casing. You won't be able to open your windows til next spring but, you'll save a ton this winter on heating bills.

#2: Dusting. So I'm sure most of you are aware that the old feather dusters don't do anything but kick up the dust. And if you listen closely to the commercials for these Swiffer dusters they claim to pick up some percentage "more" than the typical feather duster. Not good enough for me. But before you pick up your bottle of Pledge let me tell you that those chemical cleaners can do more harm than good when it comes to breathing. Most of us have our own cleaners because we like the way it smells. I love when something "smells clean" it makes my endorphins swim in delight. I would die happy if everyday my house smelled like Fabuloso (the purple one).  But those smells can get the best of someone with allergies.  The best way I have found to dust is with a bar towel and a small bucket of warm/hot water with a very small amount of dish soap.  No strong, offensive odors. No harsh chemicals that may damage delicate finishes. Just good, old fashioned clean. 
Here is a tip too to cut down on airborne dust and to prevent waking up with a dry throat during the winter months. Run a humidifier in the bedrooms at night. My pediatricians are saying to run these things throughout the year not just when the kiddos are sick. And I have read that since its adding moisture to the air it is weighing down any airborne dust. Great investment- just be sure to clean regularly to prevent mold growth. I use vinegar. 

So there you have it. . ..for now. We have got to get to vacuum maintenance!  You wouldn't eat off of a dirty dish would you?? Don't tell me if you do.
Ta ta for now and happy cleaning.


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