Friday, December 10, 2010

Office: the update

I can hardly contain myself. You think by this age I'd learn not to get my hopes up but I feel like a seven year old. I'm wondering if Christmas is coming early for me today!!

I told you in the last post that Hubby changes cars like he does socks. Well a deal might be going down today! And that means my we will go pick up my new desk this weekend!

If I sit and think about this too much I begin to examine what I am really getting excited about...the hours of frustration that will occur putting this huge desk together. Not to mention the countless interruptions from the little people.  Oh. Last but not least, putting all the junk up and realizing I need to spend even more money to get it to look just the way I want. I LIVE FOR THIS! Its progress people.  I've figured out that nothing in life is ever complete, it's all just progress.

I heard an amazing thing last night from Betty White of all people and I think everyone needs to meditate on this idea, "Don't look back and say 'that was great. I wish I would have appreciated it then as much as I do now.'" She said, "realize its great and appreciate it now."  We all turn into horses in December. You know how horses were those blinders on their eyes so all they can see is what is in front of them and nothing distracts them? Well, come December we all put on the blinders, where all we can see is Christmas and we ignore everything going on around us and just try to make it to the finish line.  Is this you? Are you just now realizing it's you?

I really hope you all are enjoying the little things going on around you. That you appreciate the little things you have and remember those that have not. 

Until next time....slow down and smell the pine trees!


P.S. I'll let you know if we get the desk! 

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